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We experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to surf the web, sifting through page after page, looking for quality crypto-related content which you can trust, is objective and doesn't shill any coins. We have spent the past few years gearing up for this exact purpose.

The Cryptomanual


There are thousands of cryptocurrency projects and even more cryptocurrency markets. Therefore, there is so much information to absorb, combined with even more choices to make. This is exactly why we feel that the entry barrier is still way too high for new users entering cryptocurrency markets.


Have a look at some of our posts, updates and articles, providing some much-needed context.

Become Your Own Central Bank

When you own cryptocurrencies, you store your assets in such a way that only you can access them, you have full control at any time, without counterparty risk. Banks usually keep a fraction of what is on their balance sheets as a reserve due to their business model of providing loans. Put plainly; banks can provide loans while maintaining very few funds on their balance sheet. This system is widely known as fractional reserve banking.

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Upgrade Your Online Privacy & Security

In terms of online privacy and security, there are several things you should pay attention to when you are browsing the web. All of your online activity generates data. You have to realize that your data is extremely precious to third parties, especially in the connected and digital world we live today.

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Top Crypto Hardware Wallets 2021

Hardware wallets are not a new phenomenon in the tech industry. However, in the world of cryptocurrency, we consider hardware wallets to be amongst the most-secure cold storage solutions hand down. There is no doubt that hardware wallet growth has massively benefited from the rapid expansion of the crypto and blockchain spheres. Various hardware wallet manufacturers have been working overtime in the past years to create viable products to keep up with demand. As more people start to realise the potential of cryptocurrencies and proceed with buying their first crypto, they are also going to want to keep their crypto safe. Are you looking for a reliable hardware wallet for your crypto coins? Check out this comprehensive review for the best hardware wallets on the market today.

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